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Steaming Sam Cleaning Equipment

We use the latest ‘Truck Mounted’
Soil Extraction Unit, which
rejuvenates carpets with the
heaviest soiling, from tar-covered
nightclubs to heavily soiled
domestic dining rooms, lifting the
pile and heightening the colours.


Steaming Sam Carpet Cleaning

Call Steaming Sam today for affordable,
professional carpet cleaning services across
Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Does your carpet
require heavy-duty


How often should we clean our carpets?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend an annual deep clean of carpets to prolong their life, with most even specifying an annual clean as part of the warranty. By cleaning your carpets annually, you are removing the deep-lying dirt and grit which causes premature wear and tear.

How quickly will my carpets dry and can they be used afterwards?

Most carpets we clean dry within 1-2 hours. This is because the machinery we use operates three very powerful vacuums which extract the moisture as we clean, combined with specially adapted tools which increase air flow as we clean to speed up drying further. Carpets can be walked on as soon as they have been cleaned, providing due care and attention is employed.

Once my carpets have been cleaned, will they never be the same again?

This is a common misconception of carpet cleaning. The myth originates from poorly trained carpet cleaners who rely on heavy foam soaps to clean your carpets. These leave a sticky residue in the carpets which attracts dirt back, making carpets very dirty, very quickly. At Steaming Sam our specially trained technicians use gentle but powerful detergents that are fully extracted out during the cleaning process. A special conditioner ensures that carpets are restored to their natural softness once the clean is complete.

Would it not be cheaper to hire a machine and do it myself?

Probably not!!! We get many calls from people who have attempted to clean the carpets themselves, asking for advice on how to remove the brown marks left on the carpets by the hired machine. This is often permanent damage, resulting in the need for a replacement carpet; therefore it is rarely cheaper. These marks are caused by over-wetting the carpet, a common problem with hired machines. They also rely on strong, foamy shampoos which damage carpet fibres and lead to rapid resoiling.

Ask yourself, would you rewire your house yourself or call an electrician? Please contact our specially trained technicians before you attempt to clean your carpets yourself.